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A part of the Ling Liang World-Wide Evangelistic Mission (基督教靈糧世界佈道會 or LLWWEM) founded by Dr. Rev. Timothy Dzao (趙世光 牧師)  in 1942 in Shanghai, China, the Ling Liang World-Wide Evangelistic Mission Association (基督教靈糧世界佈道會 聯會) now consists of 3 Districts (Hong Kong, Indonesia and North America) and other Ling Liang churches in Australia, India, Philippines, etc.  All together, there are currently 42 Ling Liang churches or Bread of Life churches.

For details of all these churches, please go to LINK TO OTHER CHURCHES

English version of LLWWEMA Brochure and Chinese version of LLWWEMA Brochure, are published !!!  ... February 5, 2008 ... Please click above to read and to download your personal copy ...

Presidents of LLWWEMA

Elder Richard Ting (丁德昌長老)     1971 - 1995

Rev. Daniel Cahyadi (蔡振堂牧師)   1995-1998  

Rev. Godwin Ngai (魏金泉牧師)      1998 - 2001

Rev. Wai See Choi (蔡惠師牧師)     2001 - 2004

Rev. I Made Mastra (馬斯德牧師)   2004 - 2007

Rev. Wilson Lee (李思聰牧師)        2007 - 2010

Location of General Assembly of LLWWEMA

1971 - 1995:  Los Angeles, California, USA; Hong Kong

1998: Kuching, Malaysia

2001: Taipei, Taiwan, ROC

2004: Hong Kong

2007: Bali, Indonesia

2010: Torrance, California, USA


13th LLWWEMA Committee (2007 - 2010)

At the end of this past 12th General Assembly of LLWWEMA, the responsibility of running the day to day operation of LLWWEMA for the next three years, was transferred from Indonesia District to the North America District.

Reverend Dr. Wilson Lee, the Cantonese Congregational Pastor of the Torrance Bread of Life Church was elected to serve as the new LLWWEMA President for the 13th term from October 2007 to September 2010.

Deed of Transfer of PresidencyThis document is the official "Deed of Transfer of Presidency" of LLWWEMA. 

This picture was taken on Saturday, September 22, 2007 in Bali, Indonesia at the 12th LLWWEMA General Assembly, where Rev. Dr. I Made Mastra, right (馬斯德牧師, 右邊), the 12th LLWWEA President, is transferring the new presidency to Rev. Dr. Wilson Lee, left (李思聰牧師, 左邊), of the Torrance Bread of Life Church, the new 13th LLWWEMA President.  For the official document "Deed of Transfer of Presidency" please see the photocopy of the document above.

New Association Committee is off and running ...

The new 13th Association committee wastes no time and had the first working Committee meeting on October 17, 2007 at Torrance Bread of Life Church.   From left to right in clockwise:

Brother Ronald and sister Pauline Lee (李國良弟兄, 李司徒鑰鴻姊妹, husband and wife; Torrance Bread of Life Church): English Secretaries,

Elder Paul Lam (林鎮明 長老, Torrance Bread of Life Church): Vice President - Hong Kong District & Others and Finance,

Rev. Dr. Wilson Lee (李思聰 牧師, Cantonese Congregational Pastor of Torrance Bread of Life Church): 13th Association President,

Deacon James Liao (廖和健 執事, Torrance Bread of Life Church): Vice President - Communications,

Deacon David Chan (陳炳 執事, Torrance Bread of Life Church): Vice President - Indonesia District and Mission,

Deacon Peter Ng (吳秉維 執事, Torrance Bread of Life Church): Chairman, North America District.

13th Association Committee kicks off the session on October 17, 2007

Not present at this meeting:

Brother Jimmy Chui (徐志浩 弟兄, Grace Ling Liang Church, Toronto): Treasurer,

Mrs. I. Made Mastra (GSRI Kebayoran Baru, Indonesia): Indonesian Secretray,

Brother Clement Au-yeung (歐陽志文 弟兄, Hong Kong Ling Liang Church, Hong Kong) Chinese Secretary.