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Mission is our focus. 

Mission (宣教 差傳) is our purpose.  Our name, LLWWEM, the last letter "M" stands for Mission.  In 1942, the two last words "Evangelistic Mission" was translated into Chinese as 佈道會, or Organization of Evangelistic Mission. So, you can see Mission is the critical part of our name.

Within this webpage and in the order of future dates, we have announcements, plans or other relevant information concerning present and future mission projects sponsored by churches within LLWWEMA.  We sincerely ask for your prayer support, financial support, or even physical participation!


New Announcement on Mission Projects ... by LLWWEMA & Torrance Bread of Life Church

News ... Agape Scholarship Fund has completed the fund distribution to many needy students as of April 2010 ... for details of the fund account status, please click here ...

We welcome you to participte in this geat mission project in China as a sponsor of “Christian Agape Scholarship Fund”...

Since the 5/12/08 earthquake in Sichuan, the Torrance Bread of Life Church has donated

1) US$64,000 to the Chinese Christian Herald for immediate search and rescue effort,

2) US$5,000 to the World Vision for earthquake relief,

3) US$5,000 to the Chinese Gospel Broadcasting for broadcasting counseling messages,

4) US$25,000 to the Beijing International Mandarin Church for over 3000 winter blankets distributed to earthquake victims.

The Torrance Bread of Life Church, the Beijing International Mandarin Church, and the Sichuan Guanghan Christian Church worked together to physically distribute those winter blankets.  As further material and spiritual assistance to the people in Sichuan, the “Christian Agape Scholarship Fund” was established for financially poor high school students with excellent grades.  It is a cooperative effort between Christian churches abroad and in China.  Each selected student will receive US$90 per semester (6 months).  The amount is enough to pay for his tuition and room and board.  Students will provide pictures of themselves, names, addresses, poor family certificates, grades, and signed copies of financial assistance received.  Sponsors get to correspond with students they sponsor at will.  

LLWWEMA is seeking voluntary participation of all member Ling Liang Churches in sponsoring poor but good students in Sichuan.  Please refer to the documents, “Christian Agape Scholarship Fund” for details in our LLWWEMA web pages as follows to know about the procedures and responsibilities of the donating churches (especially section 7.2 & 7.3).  Specifically each Ling Liang Church will have a “Fund” coordinator for promoting the “Fund”.  Information about sponsors and financial aid will be forwarded to Jimmy Chui of Grace Ling Liang Church, who in turn will work with Beijing International Mandarin Church and Sichuan Guanghan Christian Church to get the aid to the selected students.  Jimmy Chui will get in return from churches in China how the sponsors and students are paired, student information, receipts, etc.

This scholarship idea has been tried successfully in Xiamen where a pastor’s wife and her relatives sponsored 10 high school students.  Students were moved by the fact that someone abroad was willing to sponsor them without knowing who they were.  70% of them came to accept Jesus through correspondence with the Pastor’s wife.  The students knew that their way out of poverty was by studying hard.  After high school graduation, some of students went on to Peking University and Tsinghua University (equivalent to Harvard and MIT in the U.S.)  Last year one student graduated from Tsinghua University and came to study Nuclear Engineering at Purdue University, Indiana, on a university scholarship.  All Ling Liang Churches and their church members have this opportunity to convert Sichuan students to Christians and to raise them to become future leaders in China by donating US$90 per student per semester and by corresponding with them.

Please support us!

Please pray for us!


Mission Project ... We need your prayers and support !!! 

Help the Handicapped in China ...  幫助中國殘疾人

China has 8.7 million physically handicapped people. BOL intends to donate 400 wheelchairs at $60 each on 5/3/08 at Harbin All Nation High School auditorium. Each wheelchair has John 3:16 painted in its back to spread the gospel.

中國有八百七十萬殘疾人. 靈糧堂準備5/3/08在哈爾濱萬邦中學大禮堂贈送四百輛輪椅,每輛六十美元. 每輛輪椅背後漆上約翰福音3:16來傳揚福音.

Please indicate “wheelchair” on check to BOL (100% donation goes to wheelchairs delivered).


Please click here to download a nice file for printing and distribution.  Thank you.


Important Documents on Mission ...

"Bases, Objectives and Strategies for Promoting Missions by the 13th LLWWEMA"  is a very important document published by 13th LLWWEMA Association Committee.  This document is written in English by Deacon David Chan, translated into Chinese by the Chinese Secretary Brother Clement Au-Yeung, and will be translated into Indonesian by the Indonesian Secretary Mrs. Mastra.  To read this important document, go below links.

Clink here to read English version of the document

Click here to read Chinese version of the document

Click here to read Indonesia version of the document (sorry, not available now ... will be ready in the near future


Mission Projects

For details, please see our Quarterly Prayer Letters in the web page of

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